Smartphone Essentials

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Smartphone Fan for iOS and Android Devices - 84 Pack

This refreshing, low power consumption fan, which plugs directly into your smartphone is ideal for those hot summer days. Simple, elegant and easy to take on the go, this fan is a must!   Includes:...
$ 226.80

Smart Mount - 42 Pack

This magnetic mount is taking over as one of the best ways to secure your phone in your car. No more hassling with clip in mounts. Just place your phone on the mount and the...
$ 207.90

Rechargeable Emergency Powerbank (DUAL ADAPTER) - 40 Pack

Dual Adapter Tip works with both lighting (iPhone) and micro-USB (most Android). This portable charger is great for those times when you are on the go and need a quick burst of battery for your phone without...
$ 198.00

Smartphone Grip - 72 Pack

Hold your mobile device in style with the Smartphone Grip. A sling that you stick onto the back of your phone so that you can hold your phone more convenientally. Never drop your phone on...
$ 270.00

Smart Ring - 120 Pack

The Smart Ring is a multi-functional item with an elegant design that for use as a phone grip, phone stand, or magnetic mount plate.
$ 450.00

Keychain Cable - 48 Pack

Handy Keychain charging cable for most Android and iPhone (5+) phones using a Micro USB port
Android iPhone 5+
$ 120.00

iPhone 5+ Cable - 12 Pack

A charging essential for iPhone and iPad users alike.
Refill Bag Individually Boxed
$ 30.00

Selfie Stick - 12 Pack

A good assistant to take photos of yourself by yourself when you are alone or take large pictures with friends and family. Can capture photos or video above crowds or in hard to reach places....
Black Pink
$ 30.00

Acrylic Display

The Acrylic Display comes fully stocked with headphones, lighting cables, micro-usb cables, type-c cables, wall adapters, car adapters and auxiliary cables. Substitute any item for another! Available in 96 or 180 pieces per display
180 0 96
$ 465.00

Wall Adapter - 12 Pack

A wall adapter which adapts one USB cable to AC so that you can charge your devices!
Refill Bag Individually Boxed
$ 30.00

Car Adapter - 12 Pack

Charge tablets or smartphones on the go with this vehicle charger. It plugs into a 12V outlet to provide battery power to USB devices, and it has a 3.4-amp maximum output current shared by both...
Refill Bag Individually Boxed
$ 30.00