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Blue Light Blocker Reading Glasses (Single):Mila Lifestyle AccessoriesBlue Light Blocker Reading Glasses (Single):Mila Lifestyle Accessories

Protecting Your Eyes From The Computer Screen

In the modern workplace, more likely than not, we have to use computers or tablets. Desk work requires tracking papers digitally, while printers often will have tiny boxes on which they list queues. Even when doing mandatory training, we have a desktop usually. Smartphones are miniature computers, which is why after work we often use them to check traffic, game scores, and weather conditions.

Staring at screens all day can cause eye strain. This strain makes our eyes irritable, and we often arrive home with more exhaustion than we would have if using a manual typewriter and papers written in longhand.

What causes this eye strain? Computers do, by displaying a blue light that powers the monitor. This is not the same as the color for a dreaded blue screen of death, mind, but rather High Energy Visible Light (HEV). The sun also emits this type of light, which allows us to see during the day, but we get less HEV from daylight than we do from electronic screens. The amount has a higher concentration from computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Excessive exposure to blue light can also make our brains too active at night when we need to sleep. The blue light affects melatonin, which our body produces to help us sleep. If we don’t produce enough melatonin, then we will lie away at night.

In the worst case, we can get computer vision syndrome when looking at our work screens for too long. We can get bad headaches, blurred vision, and red eyes. In some cases, getting blurred vision is not an option when we have work assignments on a tight deadline.

Blue Light And Computer Glasses

Normally when you get prescription reading glasses, you go to an optometrist, get an eye exam, and receive information on how well you see relative to 20/20 vision. Then you can take that prescription to any eyeglasses retail store, to decide if you want to have tinted lenses or transitional ones. With blue light blocking, you can decide to get glasses with that pair as well.

Computer glasses up the ante in terms of protecting your eyes. The lenses have a thin coating that is transparent, serves as an HEV filter, and will block blue light.

Find Your Reading Glasses At Mila Lifestyle Accessories

With Mila’s wholesale products, we want to help you find the right pair of glasses to go with your prescription. We care about our customers, including you, and about your eyesight.

Contact us today to get our latest deal on pairs of reading glasses. Let us help you find a new perspective on the world and a wonderful set of lenses to boot.

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