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Squishy Keychains in Bulk

Unicorn Poo Keychain

This keychain pack comes with 24 unicorns of various colors. The colors include blue, pink, white and purple. If you squeeze these unicorns, rainbows will come out from their ends! Adults and children both love this silly surprise.

If you are a mother, this is a great keychain to have because if you are in a public place and you forgot to bring your kid a toy you can keep them entertained with this fun keychain for hours!

Poppiez Trump

These Poppiez Tump keychains make Trump’s eyes pop out when you squeeze them! Reduce your stress and anxiety by squishing his little body and making his insides pop out.

Whether you want to squeeze the president out of joy or frustration, this is a great keychain. It’s all a matter of perception.

Chicken Pooping Egg Keychain

This chicken keychain comes in a set of 12 total. Perfect to place next to the cash register in a gas station or pharmacy. Its squishy factor will draw people and find it irresistible not to squeeze or touch. Once you squeeze this chicken’s belly, an egg pops out of it! This element of surprise is loved by many, especially kids!

Pom Pom Keychains

Flamingo PomPom Keychain

What is pink, glittery and furry all over? This keychain! Flamingoes are loved by many, they are silly pink birds that make the shape of the number 4 with one leg when they are resting. They are magnificent creatures and birds of paradise. As you turn the keys in the ignition, you will feel the soft hairs of the pompom on your hands or feel it across your face for extra grace. Cute keychains like this one are rare, buy it now for your retail space and make it a glamours affair!

Seahorse PomPom Keychain

Cool keychains like this seahorse pompom pack of 12 have the ability to brighten up anyone’s day. The seahorse is turquoise and has a furry pompom in the center of his tiny body. You can gift these cute keychains to your girlfriends as a party favor on your birthday or if you own a retail space, you can sell these amongst the rest of your beautiful items, it will enhance the beauty of your thought out collection.

Pink Heart PomPom Keychain

Attach your keys to this furry pompom keychain and wear your heart on your sleeve! Keep the essence of love everywhere you go. If your keys fall, you will find them in a matter of seconds because this keychain is big enough to a spot on the floor. It is so unique no one will take your keys in confusion, thinking that it is in fact theirs.

Invest In Mila Wholesale Cute Keychains

These cute keychains are an investment, reap the benefits by buying in bulk! You will save money and time. If you work in retail, these are a great temptation to place next to the cash register for your clients buy.

If you have questions don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is patiently waiting to hear from you and assist you with anything you need.

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