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Squishy Sweets Peggable – Pack of 12

Soft toys that you can squish can act as a stress reliever and reduce anxiety. This squeeze toy is slow rising and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes including an ice cream shape, donut, brownie, cupcake, and strawberry shortcake. Each of these decompression toys come scented according to their appearance, for example, the strawberry shortcake squish toy smells just like strawberries!

Unicorn Poo Keychain – Pack of 24

Wholesale Squishy Toys

This toy is kawaii down to the last detail! Kawaii is just another word for “cute” in Japan and we love it. When you squeeze this unicorn a surprise comes out of it! Attach it to your cell phone, keychain or gift it to your kid cousin to keep them entertained. Toy gifts are so fun especially when the squishy is slow rising like this one!

Poppiez Keychain – Pack of 30

Wholesale Squishy Toys

These Squishies with jumbo eyes are adorable! Squeeze with your fingers and the unicorn’s eyes will pop out of its head! This keychain has the power of making any kid laugh and have them amused for hours. If you are out shopping and forgot to bring your little loved one a toy, this squishy keychain will save the day.

Never lose your keys! Having a colorful keychain is essential in order to spot your keys amidst the clutter of a kitchen table or hidden inside your handbag. If your keys fall you will be able to easily notice it due to the distinctive form of this toy. Plus if you have a housemate you will be able to tell the keys apart by having a unique keychain like this one attached to it.

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