3ft 3in1 charger Compact - Pack of 12 Mila Lifestyle Accessories 3ft 3in1 charger Compact - Pack of 12 Mila Lifestyle Accessories
3ft 3in1 charger Compact - Pack of 12
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Mila Wholesale travel accessories will simplify your life and travel experiences. Whether you are traveling by plane, train, boat or bike you will find these items revolutionary because they will reduce the complexities that usually come with traveling like having to reach for your ID, passport, money or securing your phone and luggage. Explore our list of handy travel accessories below and improve the way you travel!We carry an enormous range of Wholesale Travel Accessories at economical Price. Shop personalized travel accessories for your dream trip. Explore Travel Accessories Wholesaler for Wholesale Travel Products to Sell Online. Wholesale Travel Accessories Online at Mila wholesale. Buy Wholesale Travel Accessories, Contact Travel Accessories Wholesaler Today. Wholesale travel accessories will keep you outfitted for any flight, train ride, or taxi drive. Explore all the items you need for your next trip. Mila Wholesale has you covered and will help you travel safely.

4 Useful Travel Accessories and Supplies you Didn’t Know you Needed

1. Luggage Scale

If you are the type that does not travel light, Luggage Scales can come in handy tool to avoid going over the maximum weight allowed on airplanes. This pack of 12 is suitable for travel companies, hotels, bed and breakfasts and anyone in the hospitality industry.

Help your guests prepare for their travels with this digital luggage scale by weighing their bags before their flight. This way they steer clear of surprises at the airport and won’t have to reorganize and repack their luggage in front of everyone waiting in line or have to spend additional money on overweight baggage.

2. Sport Pouch with LED Light

This bright colored sport pouch is water-resistant and travel-sized. Keep your phone handy with this pouch while traveling and avoid pickpockets. You can connect your headphones to listen to music and easily take calls due to the clear front cover. Plus, there is enough space to fit your credit cards and boarding pass.

If you own a biking company and do bike tours you can provide your clients with these sport pouches so they can have their GPS and phone handy in case they stray away from the group and get lost.

3. Sport Belt

This high-quality sport belt is like a slim fanny pack. It will keep your items in check and accessible as opposed to a handbag or backpack where you basically have to dive in amongst your things to find the one item you are looking for. This sport belt is ideal for hiking, running, walks, biking, traveling, and walking tours.

Secure your:

  • Chapstick
  • Phone charger
  • Pens and pencils
  • Band-aids
  • Phone
  • iPod
  • Headphones
  • Money
  • Medicine

You may also use your sport belt as a packing cube and insert it in your backpack for easy access to smaller items if you do not want to wear it around your waist.

4. TSA Travel Lock

TSA approved travel locks are essential when traveling. Some foreign airports might conduct unauthorized searches of your bags! If you have a travel lock but it is not TSA approved some agents may break it open in order to check your bag if something shows up on their screen that may cause concern. Buy in bulk and save, provide locks for your family members or clients.

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