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USB 2-Port Wall Charger - Pack of 12USB 2-Port Wall Charger - Pack of 12
USB 2-Port Wall Charger - Pack of 12Login for Wholesale Prices
Dual Car Adapter - Pack of 12Dual Car Adapter - Pack of 12
Dual Car Adapter - Pack of 12Login for Wholesale Prices
USB Type-C Cable - Pack of 12USB Type-C Cable - Pack of 12
USB Type-C Cable - Pack of 12Login for Wholesale Prices
Smart Mount Magnetic Car Holder (Single)Smart Mount Magnetic Car Holder (Single)
3-in-1 Cable 3ft. (Single)3-in-1 Cable 3ft. (Single)
USB C-Type Cable (Single)USB C-Type Cable (Single)
Dual Adapter Smartphone Fan (Single)Dual Adapter Smartphone Fan (Single)
Smart Ring  (Single)Smart Ring  (Single)
iDevice (Lightning) Cable (Single)iDevice (Lightning) Cable (Single)
Dual Car Adapter (Single)Dual Car Adapter (Single)
Dual Wall Adapter (Single)Dual Wall Adapter (Single)
10ft 3-IN-1 Cable (Single)10ft 3-IN-1 Cable (Single)
AUX Splitter Cable (Single)
Micro USB Cable (Single)Micro USB Cable (Single)
Car Adapter (Single)Car Adapter (Single)
Selfie Stick (Single)Selfie Stick (Single)
Earphones (Single)Earphones (Single)
AUX Cable (Single)AUX Cable (Single)
Wall Adapter (Single)Wall Adapter (Single)
12V USB Wall Plug Adapter - Pack of 1212V USB Wall Plug Adapter - Pack of 12
12V USB Wall Plug Adapter - Pack of 12Login for Wholesale Prices

Wall Chargers and Phone Cords in Bulk

Our wall charges support standard USB to AC charging. Our 12-pack of Wall Adapters is great for any personal residence or business workplace that have multiple users of smartphone technology. Label them as office supplies for your office convenience or keep them in multiple drawers around the home so you never have to leave the room for your charger.

We also have every variety of cell phone charging cords in bulk supply, perfect for personalizing as giveaways or large corporations who wish to distribute them to satellite offices. We have:

  • USB-C
  • Phone
  • Micro USB
We have them as a single split-unit or as individual cables in varying lengths.

Discount Power Banks

Power banks can be your lifeline in situations where you are on the go or out of reach from an outlet for hours at a time. We have multiple colors with a standard USB connection. Keep these around for you or a friend when you know you’ll use your device all day. Their ergonomic design and convenient keychain accessory means that you can attach it to gear, clothes, or other devices so that you won’t ever lose it. They can fully charge entirely devices without weighing you down.

You never have to worry about a case of mistaken identity with our designs, as they clearly and attractively say, ‘Power Bank’ on them. This is useful for airport security, concerts, and other public events where unidentifiable electronics might be suspicious.

Aux Cables and Earbuds

Aux Cable Packs of 12 and Splitters Cables are not as commonly used unless it’s part of your lifestyle. Those who prefer their well-worn devices like older iPhone models or iPods, as well as radios, can use these to connect old and new tech styles.

Our basic earbuds come in packs of 12 and are standard black. They are great quality for value and will fit in any giveaway bag, drawers, or pocket where you might want to use them. They are individually boxed so that they make an attractive gift and fit most ears with comfortable buds made of silicon.

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