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Wall Adapter (Single) (Individually Boxed)Wall Adapter (Single) (Individually Boxed)
Wall Adapter - Pack of 12Wall Adapter - Pack of 12
Wall Adapter - Pack of 12
$ 36
Wholesale Only
10ft 3-IN-1 Cable - 60 Units10ft 3-IN-1 Cable - 60 Units
10ft 3-IN-1 Cable - 60 Units
$ 300
Wholesale Only
3-in-1 Cable - Pack of 243-in-1 Cable - Pack of 24
3-in-1 Cable - Pack of 24
$ 96
Wholesale Only
Car Adapter - Pack of 12Car Adapter - Pack of 12
Car Adapter - Pack of 12
$ 36
Wholesale Only
Car Adapter (Single) (Individually Boxed)Car Adapter (Single) (Individually Boxed)
Dual Car Adapter (Single)Dual Car Adapter (Single)
Dual Wall Adapter (Single)Dual Wall Adapter (Single)
iPhone 5+ Cable (Single)iPhone 5+ Cable (Single)
USB C-Type Cable (Single)USB C-Type Cable (Single)
Micro USB Cable (Single)Micro USB Cable (Single)
Car Adapter (Single)Car Adapter (Single)

Portable Cell Phone Chargers

Power Banks - Pack of 6

Power banks come in handy because you can charge your phone on the go. This phone charger is ideal for the person who does not have time to sit down and wait for their phone to fully charge but rather needs a portable one so they can make the moves necessary to keep working, traveling, making their way home or replying to important emails.

These chargers sell out fast since people realize that they need to keep wireless chargers in their handbags because it is not sustainable to keep buying phone chargers every time you run out of battery and find yourself out of your house. Provide your clients with this valuable option and reap the benefits.

3-in-1 Cable - Pack of 24

One cell phone charger to master them all! This 3-in-1 cable will charge any smartphone as it has various USB heads in order to suit 3 varieties of phones. This charging cable with various cable tips, such as the hot Type-C cable which is only getting more popular, is suitable for taxi drivers or Uber drivers who want to be of service to their clients and help them by charging their phones during their ride. USB port sold separately.

Emergency Powerbank - Pack of 40

This battery pack will charge your phone on the go if you find yourself in an emergency and need power quickly. No cables necessary, just connect the dual-tip connecter on the powerbank directly to the mini socket on your phone and it will work just as efficiently as your average wall charger. Works with both MicroUSB and iPhone Lightning compatible devices.

Car Charger Adapters To Plug

Car Adapter - Pack of 12

With the car adapter, you can charge your phone while you are cruising in your automobile. This adapter is compatible with any micro USB cable so you can charge any version of your iPhone, Samsung, or even your Nintendo switch.

If you are in the driving business this is a good item to have to provide your clients with fast charging. By accommodating your clients you are more likely to get a five-star rating!

Dual Car Adapter - Pack of 12

A high capacity car battery charger with two sockets! Dual Car Adapter full charges your iPhone or Android and won’t affect charging speed when connecting two phones at the same time. Great item to have if you carpool or work in Uber pool, all your friends and clients will benefit from this convenient adapter.

Mila Wholesale Phone Accessories

Buy phone chargers in bulk and save money! Phone accessories such as adapters, portable phone chargers, and USB cables are necessary for cell phone owners. Provide your clients with the accessories necessary to have battery power and reap the benefits.

Discover our full collection of phone chargers here. Not finding what you need? Contact us via our pop-up messenger on our online platform. You can find it on any one of our pages our Mila bots are ready to be of service!

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