5 Fun Phone Gadgets You Should Try: 2020 Edition

While our smartphones are an electronic that we would never leave home without, because let’s face it, they are at the center of almost everything we do now-a-days, it seems that 2020 will be the year that our smartphones get a few new gadgets themselves. If you are in the market to spend a little extra cash this year, there are some really fun gadgets coming out that could add some more utility to your smartphone use. No, we’re not just talking about key finders, portable speakers, and new headphones, but instead about smart tech, fans for summer, and power banks that will help you keep your phone juiced up for longer.

  1. Dual Fan. When that relentless summer heat is coming down, the crumpled piece of newspaper you’re using as a fan just isn’t working, and you simply can’t find a place to cool off, your phone will once again be there to rescue you, with the dual adapter smartphone fan. This surprisingly powerful little fan is a simple, portable way to beat the heat. Sporting both a micro USB and lightning adapter, the dual adapter smartphone fan caters to a wide range of users and devices.

  2. Smart Ring. While smartphone cases are still quite popular, if you truly want to protect your phone from a fall, you’re going to need a rather large and bulky one. Not everyone likes having a big hulking case on their phone, so instead, consider getting a smart ring. The smart ring works as a grip, a stand, and works by using a magnetic mounting plate. You simply stick it to the back of your phone or, if you have a slim enough case, your phone case, and loop your finger through the ring to hold. What’s great about the smart ring is that it can come in an assortment of colors, is elegant in design, and it rotates freely for easy use!

  3. Smart Mount.  If you are an avid driver who likes to take long road trips or someone who needs to make a long commute to work on a daily basis, you probably know how difficult it is to clip your phone into a mount on your car’s dashboard.  What’s worse is when you are in mid-drive and your mount either falls off the dash or your phone slips out because the clip wasn’t tight enough. Now, with the smart mount, you don’t have to worry about this. Simply stick the magnetic smart mount to your dash with the supplied adhesive and then hold your phone up to the top portion of the mount. The magnetism will securely hold your phone in place, while the swivel ball will allow you to rotate your phone 360 degrees.
  4. 3’n1 Cable. Whether you have a collection, or just a lot of friends with differing tastes, this 3 in 1 cable will cover all of your charging needs. While one end has a simple USB connector, making it ideal for any USB adapter, the other splits into a C-type USB, a micro USB and a lightning adapter, all from the same cable. Never be caught with the wrong cable again, and even charge multiple devices at the same time, all from one outlet. Built for longevity, the cable is designed with a durable outer casing to stand up to everyday wear and tear.
  5. Power Banks.  Having your phone run out of juice when you cannot get yourself to a power outlet or don’t have your charging cable on hand is stressful. This is especially true if you are waiting for a phone call, heading into a meeting, or need the phone for directions. One way to get around this is with power banks, as these come with built-in charging cables, adaptors, LED lighting, fast charging and sometimes even wireless charging. These handy little devices will make sure your phone or table is ready for action when you are.