Top 6 Novelty Wholesale Gifts For 2020

At Mila Wholesale, we offer you novelty gift items for you to supply your gas station quick-stop shop, retail store or pharmacy. Our multiple novelty items make unique gifts and have different functionalities. Families that enjoy taking road trips will stop at your shop for gas or food and encounter these lovely novelty items that will serve as a memento for their trip!

Top Selling Wholesale Novelty Gifts: Toys

Looking for inspiration on gift ideas? The items in our inventory will provide hours of amusement and are all aesthetically pleasing, everyone will love them! You can’t go wrong with any of the novelty items below.

1. Wireless Karaoke Mike

If you carry the gift of song and melody within you, unleash it with this wireless karaoke mike. It has a microphone and a speaker in one so that you can listen to the music as you sing along. Sing in the car ride all the way until you reach your destination or keep it at home and start a karaoke party, either way, you will have a blast!

2. Novelty Squishy Toys

Release tension and stress with this squishy mesh ball! The slime will pop out from the mesh cover, forming individual slimeballs. It is perfect for kids and adults alike. Carry it with you everywhere you go, this way you will always have something to squeeze and see the shockingly satisfying response.

Unique Novelty Wholesale Gift Ideas

3. Pen Fans

On those really hot summer days, you will manage to keep your cool as you write away with your new favorite pen which doubles as a fan! Keep it in your bag at all times in order to always have it available for when you and your kids get really hot.

4. Sloth Pens and Llama Pens

Sloth pens and llama pens have the potential to brighten up anyone’s day. Just imagine somebody asking you for a pen and you handing them one of these funny pens, it would be really hard not to laugh!

Wholesale Novelty Gift Items

5. Smartphone Fan

Keep cool on the go with this smartphone fan! Simply plug it in as you would a phone charger and you are set. Unique gifts at wholesale prices will be a great addition to any retail store, your clients will love them!

6. Novelty Keychains

If your friend just got a new car, a keychain such as this Pink Heart Pom Pom Keychain is the perfect gift! They can put their car keys and house keys on this lovely keychain to keep them secure and de-stress by touching the smooth, furry surface.

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At Mila Wholesale, we supply you with wholesale novelties in the USA. Unique wholesale gifts are our specialty, we believe that our accessories will be a wonderful addition to your lifestyle. We are wholesale novelty suppliers that provide both fun and practical products for your benefit.

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