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Unique Wholesale Reading Glasses

Denim Reading Glasses - Pack of 24

These reading glasses have a denim design on their plastic frame making them distinctive and loved by all the eclectic and stylish readers. Purchasing reading glasses with an unconventional design will help people from mistakenly swapping their reading glasses with their friends. The flexible spring hinge allows readers to open and close the glasses with ease. Comes with a set of 24 and with assorted powers to accommodate all. If you are looking for women’s blue reading glasses we recommend purchasing these! 

Classic Reader Glasses - Pack of 24

These glasses have a timeless tortoise design on their frame. Suitable for all genders due to its classic design and neutral tones. Mila lifestyle accessories will provide you with a pack of 24 for less than a dollar per reader glasses! Good quality, versatile and lightweight glasses for an economical price. Clients will see the value in this purchase, for you can keep these in your car as emergency reader glasses and they have a great style!

Stylish Sunglasses Display - Pack of 144

This stylish sunglasses display brings a total of 144 reading sunglasses. The benefit of buying a multi pack reading glasses with wide assortment is that you will be able to provide all sorts of styles to favor all tastes in women and men. You can’t go wrong with this wide variety of metal frames, in fact you will most likely do someone a good turn by selling all these different types of reader glasses.

Bluelight Blocking and Sunglass Readers in Bulk

Blue-Light Blocker Glasses - Pack of 24

Sometimes your eyes can strain when looking at the computer screen for many hours. With these blue-light blocker glasses, your eyes will be lubricated and you will not feel the tension or discomfort that entitles working in front of a computer screen all day. Protect your eyes and sleep better at night with these glasses that protect you from blue light predominant in computer screens. You will find yourself wearing reading glasses all the time with these modern glasses!

Flower Design Readers - Pack of 24

If you are interested in purchasing funky reading glasses or women’s reading glasses these flower design readers are just right for you! Beautiful floral design for those who would like to add a pop of color to their outfits.

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