3 Store Display Types & What Their Benefits Are: Floor, Table, & Peg Board

When you walk into a retail store, the first thing you are going to notice is how the products are displayed. If they are not housed in an appropriate display case, the customer may question the store’s reputation and product quality. This is to say that how you choose to display your products to your customers has a massive impact on your sales volume. This is because a merchandising display is your first point of contact between the customer and your product. If your displays are suitable to their product counterparts, are aesthetically pleasing, and easy to access, your customers will be happier to shop with you. Let’s take a look at store types and what their benefits are.

1. Floor Standing: a floor standing display, also known as a full free-standing display,  is a tailored-made stand, designed to act as both an optimized shelf and advertisement simultaneously. Each stand is designed to neatly organize a precise amount of product, is accessible from all sides, and it’s surface is often the same color scheme as the product it is advertising and more often than not, also has the logo of the product or brand. These types of displays exist separately from aisle shelves and can be placed anywhere in the store.

A great example of a floor standing display is this 144 piece waterproof floor display that exhibits waterproof cell phone cases. It comes with an aquarium style showcase, has a branded/colored aesthetic, and it comes with all the product to fill it.

 Benefits of getting a floor display like this, include the following.

  • Often made out of cardboard, they are cost effective and easy to put up,
  • They are a great, individual way to promote a specific product,
  • They stand out in busy retail spaces due to their design,
  • You can have tailored-made themes or standard aesthetics,
  • They hold a lot of product in a clean fashion,
  • They are eye-catching, perfect for brand communication.


2. Table Displays/Countertop: a table or countertop display is an ideal choice for small or seasonal merchandise. They have flat bottoms so that they can be tiered, often sit at eye level to the customer, and are made out of a variety of aesthetically pleasing materials such as wood or clear glass. They work to entice the customer to buy items that they hadn’t planned on purchasing to begin with, by being in high traffic and highly visible areas.

A great example of this is the smartphone accessories countertop display from Mila Wholesale, which can hold 96 or 180 smartphone-related accessories such as USB cables, wall adapters, car adapters, and earphones. Made out of acrylic, the display is sturdy, is transparent, and comes fully stocked. Perfect for placing near checkouts and entrances.

 Benefits of getting a table display like this, include the following.

  • Highly visible,
  • Can be stacked for efficient use of space,
  • It has a high capacity when stocking smaller sized products,
  • Easy to rotate new product,
  • Can be placed on any flat surface,
  • Aesthetically pleasing/easy to use.


3. Peg Board Displays: a peg board consists of a perforated hardboard slab which is easily adorned with peg-like hooks. They are commonly made out of particle-board, fiber-board, or wood and contain rows which are uniformly spaced out. Hooks are attached and the product is hung from them. Peg board displays are mainly seen on walls but their flexibility permits them to be used on other display types like gondola displays.

A great example of how flexible a peg board display can be, is Mila’s 3 in 1 cable displays. These displays use peg boards and hooks to hang cables off of while also taking advantage of the mobility and versatility of the free-standing display.  This particular peg board can hold 60 cables, 24 black, 12 red, 12 silver, and 12 blue which are 10 feet long.

 Benefits of getting a peg board display like this, include the following.

  • Can be placed anywhere in store due to the free-standing design,
  • Hooks are removable for easy product swap out,
  • Comes aesthetically branded with product cues,
  • Can be used for different cable types - flexible,
  • Cables are organized and easy to grab.


If you would like to see more products that work well with these types of displays, be sure to check out Mila Wholesale’s website.