Why Get A TSA Lock?

How to Make Travel Easier: Why Get a TSA Lock for Yourself?

While the majority of us aren’t currently traveling the airways due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of us are still dreaming about the vacations we had to cancel last minute. If this is you and you are in the midst of planning your next vacation once Covid-19 restrictions let up, consider getting yourself a  TSA-approved lock for your luggage (that is, if you don’t already have one). Let’s explore how these specific locks can make travel easier for you and what the benefits are in having one attached to your suitcase.

The Benefits of Using a TSA Lock to Protect Your Luggage

There are several reasons why you should consider purchasing a TSA-approved luggage lock for your next trip. 

  1. A TSA-approved lock will be manufactured in accordance with the rules and regulations determined by the Transportation Security Administration Agency which is a branch of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This means that any TSA luggage inspector will be able to open up your luggage with a universal key, eliminating the need to cut it off or damage your suitcases.
  1. TSA-approved locks have an advanced security feature integrated into the lock to let you know if it has been tampered with. If it has, a visible red dot will pop up on the lock. 
  1. All TSA-approved locks are made out of hardened zinc alloy, making them heavy-duty and extremely secure.
  1. TSA locks deter thieves from tampering with your luggage because they have 3 dials and 999 numerical digit combinations. This makes trying to open the lock by cracking the code, near impossible when you are in plain sight of TSA authorities.
  1. They are inexpensive to purchase, ranging anywhere from $15-40 for 1 or more locks. They can be bought in bulk from companies like Mila Wholesale, which is a travel sentry approved TSA lock that is recognized by the Transportation Security Administration. It is 2.5” high, 1.25” in width, comes with a combination that can be reset and the 3 dials are easy to see and use. Made out of metal. This type of lock is advantageous for businesses who have a lot of employees who need to travel.
  1. You can customize your combination to something that you will remember.


How Do These Locks Make Travel Easier?

A TSA-approved lock is going to ensure that your luggage stays safe for the duration of the entire trip, as the lock should never have to be cut off and they will help deter luggage thieves from swiping your valuables inside.  These locks make it very easy to go through security because they give the appropriate authorities easy access and they adhere to travel rules.  This saves you a ton of time at the airport.